Sewer and Drain Cleaning

Anza Plumbing technicians are experienced and capable experts at sewer and drain cleaning. If you flush a toilet or run a faucet and nasty brown stuff starts backing up into your toilet, bathtub or sinks, it’s time to call a plumber. There are many different methods and techniques which can unclog a drain and make it flow smoothly again.

We provide high pressure hydrojet services that effectively blasts away the obstruction with a high pressure jet of water. Hydrojetting completely removes remains from your line, decreasing the chances of future blockage by bringing your line back near original capacity. Residential and Commercial Hydrojet and Drain Services clean your clog today! Anza Plumbing has 20+ years experience in solving draining problems with hydrojetting.


Unlike cabling, which creates a hole in the clog, hydrojet clearing completely cleans the entire diameter of pipe. Using water pressure that is controlled and regulated as needed, hydro jetting is the most effective means of cleaning out a clog. We are also proficient in cabling, which may be required and is an effective solution in some instances. Anza Plumbing Residential & Commercial Plumbing Hydrojet & Drain Services has custom made equipment to handle every commercial and residential problem, leaving the absolute cleanest drain system possible. This means less frequent returns and future savings.

“Call us when the brown stuff starts backing up.”

           Anza’s Hydrojet and Drain Cleaning Services Clear Your Clog Today!